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Skye Paw Patrol Chip Bag-Paw Patrol Chip Bag-Paw Patrol Birthday-Paw Partol Party-Skye Paw Patrol

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Skye Paw Patrol Chip Bag

Thank You Note (If different than what is included)


***Your bags are designed to fit the 1oz prepackaged chips***




- If you don’t see a theme you’re interested in, please message me for Custom Design Ordering.




DIGITAL PDF FILE: You will receive a Digital File ONLY with your custom changes. The PROOF of your PDF file will be emailed to the email on file with Etsy within 2-3 business days. Your design will be emailed after proof has been approved. Nothing will be mailed to you. YOU PRINT AND YOU ASSEMBLE


PRINTED BAGS ONLY: The PROOF of your PDF file will be emailed to the email on file with Etsy within 2-3 business days. Printed bags will come to you flat and YOU will Fill and Assemble you bags. Adhesive is not included. They will be MAILED OUT within 3-5 business days after approval.


UNFILLED ASSEMBLE: Your design will be assembled with NO PRODUCT inside. You will fill with your own product. There will be an adhesive stripe at one end that you will peel off after you have inserted your chips.


UNFILLED RESEALABLE BAGS: This option will include a food safe resealable ziplock bag inside your custom assembled bag for YOU to fill with loose candies, chips, pretzels, cotton candy, even toys or ANYTHING you want to fill. This option also allows you to keep your custom bags without tearing and also allows you to keep as a keep sake of your event.


FILL ASSEMBLE: Your design will be printed and fully assembled with your pre-packaged 1 oz chips/treats inside and MAILED OUT within 5-8 business days. Allow for shipping time before your event is due. Your order will be complete when it arrives to you.






-PROOFS are EMAILED to you 2-3 business days after your order is confirmed. Your approved Digital PDF File will be emailed 24hrs AFTER approval. -You are allowed ONLY up to 2 text revisions after proofs have been sent.*Please check your file IMMEDIATELY upon receipt. Please check for errors and misspellings. You must notify me within 24 hours after delivery if there is an issue. If there is no notice within the 24 hours, your file will be automatically emailed to you. -Your order will be MAILED OUT within 5-8 business days, if not earlier, AFTER you have approved your proofs ONLY. -PLEASE NOTE: Processing time for some custom orders may that longer because of size. I will be in constant communication with you about any issues.




-Weekends and Holidays are not included in any time frames stated.


-If you place an order on Friday, your first business day is Monday.


You are free to print as many bags as you want with your file using a color inkjet or color laser printer.For best results, a laser printer is recommended. Your PDF file can also be printed at your nearest print shop (Staples, Office Depot, FedEx etc.) Please keep in mind, many print shops will not print licensed characters. I recommend either printing from home or use the